Do The Damn Thing

As I scroll through my Explore tab on Instagram, I am bombarded with fitness posts. This should be no surprise to me… I spend 85% of my time in the gym and the other 15% sharing my results online for my followers to see. Seeing dozens of contest prep updates, progress photos, and pictures of … Continue reading Do The Damn Thing

Posted By : Bryan Watmore ( 04/04/2017 )

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The Only Meal Plan That Works

WOULD YOU BELIEVE ME IF I TOLD YOU THAT I EAT A BURGER AND CHIPS, AND HALF A BLOCK OF CHOCOLATE, EVERY SINGLE WEEK? How many drug addicts do you know that go around telling people how many drugs they have been taking? Me neither. It’s embarrassing. People are ashamed to be drug addicts. Junk … Continue reading The Only Meal Plan That Works

Posted By : Bryan Watmore ( 03/31/2017 )

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Running in the Winter Advice from a Boston Marathon Winner

Many experienced runners believe winter is a better season for running outdoors than summer. After all, there’s little any of us can do about July’s heat and humidity. You can only “dress down” so much to avoid dehydration and a rising body temperature – the leading causes of fatigue among endurance athletes. In winter, on … Continue reading Running in the Winter Advice from a Boston Marathon Winner

Posted By : Bryan Watmore ( 02/23/2017 )

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Comfort Is Mediocracy In The Making

Fitness for me is more than looking good and likes on social media. It is more to me than killing myself physically in the gym, furthermore it is my saving grace. I was completely and utterly lost, the gym helped me find myself. Was it comfortable, no, but it was worth it. Fitness took my … Continue reading Comfort Is Mediocracy In The Making

Posted By : Bryan Watmore ( 02/10/2017 )

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Women and The Weight Room

Okay, we have probably all heard and read a million times how important it is for women to lift weights, so why do the majority of women I know still not do it? When I talk with them about it they say the same things we were hearing 10 years ago “I don’t want to … Continue reading Women and The Weight Room

Posted By : Bryan Watmore ( 01/31/2017 )

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The Journey of Losing 110lbs

I have been meaning to write about my journey on how I lost 110 lbs (2009 – 2011). It took me almost two years to lose the weight. But, eventually, I got it done.  I never wanted my friends to either to talk about it or take pictures of me; I didn’t want to accept … Continue reading The Journey of Losing 110lbs

Posted By : Bryan Watmore ( 01/26/2017 )

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Tiffany Baines In Her Own Words

Growing up, my mother and father always worked so they never had a lot of time for me. With this being said, I lived predominantly with my grandmother. Being born and raised in the South, my grandmother fixed all of the Southern “home-cooked meals” you’ve heard of: biscuits & gravy, beef & potatoes, anything fried … Continue reading Tiffany Baines In Her Own Words

Posted By : Bryan Watmore ( 01/10/2017 )

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DBG – The Beginning

So, after getting an overwhelming response from my eBook, I have received several letters and personal messages where each one of you not only wish to know more about “Don’t Blame Genetics” (DBG) but also the details that took place with me while I was setting it up. Before I proceed with sharing more about … Continue reading DBG – The Beginning

Posted By : Bryan Watmore ( 01/07/2017 )

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How to get out of Pity Party Place

YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY CHEESES ME OFF?   Body builders and fitness models who say things like: “Oh I feel fat and gross today, I’m a bit soft here or there, this is a bit jiggly, I didn’t have a great session in the gym today, I missed a meal, I had less sleep last … Continue reading How to get out of Pity Party Place

Posted By : Bryan Watmore ( 01/03/2017 )

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Why the Post-Election Blues Is Actually Good for Your Workout Plan

Feeling blue? If the presidential election campaign and results left you feeling sad and frustrated, you should know that you are not alone. Moreover, you can even see this as an opportunity for you to start working on improving yourself. I bet that most of you struggle with maintaining a workout plan. Again, you’re not the only … Continue reading Why the Post-Election Blues Is Actually Good for Your Workout Plan

Posted By : Bryan Watmore ( 12/14/2016 )

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